Snorkelling with the seals on Lundy Castaway

DSC_8515 14-08-21 001481Lundy Island has gained a reputation for some of the best snorkelling in the UK and offers a wide variety of sites including an amazing colony of seals that are a snorkellers dream. Our boat Lundy Castaway is the perfect boat to base your time on Lundy snorkelling. We have many years of experience in finding the best bays that offer safe and exciting snorkelling.

Lundy Castaway (Mitchel 31 mark 3) offers the ideal boat with an experienced skipper and crew. The boat has a warm cabin, flush toilet, hot and cold running water, fridge and even a brief warm outside fresh water shower to wash away a little of the Lundy salt water when you come out of the water and of course lots of hot drinks.

DSC_8613 14-08-21 001577During the seasons of 2013 and 2014 we have spent endless time with the seals exploring the best bays to drop snorkellers into the water. Snorkelling with seals always depends upon the weather, tides and many other factors which is the unpredictability of wild life however 2014 has been by far our best year with many repeat charters on Lundy Castaway.

The seals on Lundy are wild animals and this is their home. However they simply love to play with snorkellers sometimes with extremely close encounters! Don’t be surprised if they give your fins (flippers) a pull and even imitate your movements in the water while you snorkel. We have often taken snorkellers to Lundy who are real seal enthusiasts and have snorkelled the Farne Islands and rate the Lundy seals for their playfulness much higher than any other destination they have been to.

DSC_8498 14-08-21 001465We do however run a strict Code of Conduct that we expect all our guest who wish to snorkel abide by. The seals are wild animals and Lundy waters are their home. We are privileged to be allowed in the water to share time with these incredible animals. The Code of Conduct is recognised in the diving and snorkelling world and we ensure that it is adhered to by all our guests on Lundy Castaway.

Most of our trips are two days or more. Our trips offer you unlimited time in the water and a real taste of such a beautiful Island with its abundance of wild life above and below the water. We do not mix groups of snorkellers and put other snorkellers into your group. We only offer a sole charter for yourself, family and friends. The ideal maximum number is six to eight in your group.

Karen and her friends article all about the Lundy seals and their day snorkeling.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.