Cost for boat charters of Lundy Castaway. non divers

Prices for divers see here: Diving Lundy Island.

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Most weekend are now fully booked

Please call 01598740198 or 07970474273 for availability.Email:

Prices for your own private boat supplied with skipper and crew with lots of hot drinks etc giving you a very special day.

Our boat charters are adventurous showing you Lundy by sea and landing you on the Island when conditions are suitable. You need to be the type of person who loves nature and the outdoor life. Please always talk to us and tell us what type of trip you are looking for and your interest. Minimum of full day trips only leaving on the morning tide and returning in the evening. Overnight stays and longer also available.

We include snorkelling with the seals if you are into close up encounters with the wild life.(Please bring your own equipment. ie mask fins and snorkel)

Standard Day / Return Boat CharterLundy Coast Line for our New larger boat “Lundy Castaway”  for 2014. Tel 01598740198 or 07970474273

£395.00 per charter of boat. You decide how many people you bring with you.The price remains the same. Boat is licenced for up to 10 passengers.We recommend no more than 8 passengers.

We now INCLUDE within our charters the landing fee of £5.00 / head charged by Lundy Island as a landing fee when you land on Lundy. All our prices include hot drinks all day. etc

Weekend charter or weekdays but staying overnight giving a real getaway break.

First day price as above £395.00 with each additional day on the Island £260.00. This gives you plenty of time to walk and explore Lundy with Lundy Castaway being available for you to step on board any time during your stay. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to swim and snorkel with Lundy inquisitive seals. Maybe do a little fishing or just explore lots of the bays around Lundy that are abundant with birds and wild life.

Please note. We do not add people to your charter. So if you are a couple or a group the cost remains the same giving you exclusive privacy to yourselves or your party offering a very special day.

Longer charters available while you stay on the Island so that Lundy Castaway is available for your full stay on Lundy. Please call for availability.

Please call The Marisco01598740198

Mb 07970474273 for when we are at sea

Please note:

All trips to Lundy are subject to availability, tides and weather conditions. We will monitor the weather for you the week before you are due for your trip and update you with the conditions before hand. Lundy is a wild natural place and we would advise that you do need to be an outdoor loving person who enjoys walking and nature. We will either land you on the jetty on Lundy or land you on the beach from a inflatable tender. Both can sometimes be a little difficult and you certainly need to be steady on your feet. During Easterly winds it is often difficult to land you on the Island but sometimes possible on the Eastern side of the Lundy but this does entail scrambling over rocks and boulders. It is an adventure and you need to be confident on your legs and feet. Alternatively you can stay on board viewing the spectacular scenery.

Lundy has many friendly seals that lots of our visitors love to snorkel in the water with. A fantastic day for children accompanied by adults. We include snorkelling  within your day or stay on the Island if you so wish.

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To book up your trips on Lundy Castaway or if you have any questions. Please call 01598740198. Mb 07970474273 (please try land line first) or email us at

If we have to cancel your trip due to weather conditions we firstly try to give you an alternative date but if this is not possible we refund any funds you have paid to us in full.

For accommodation to stay on Lundy contact the Lundy Booking office. We can sometimes arrange camping.

Lundy Island does charge a landing fee of £5.00 per person . We INCLUDE this in the price of your charter.

Lundy Shore Office
The Quay, Bideford
Devon, EX39 2LY
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See our Prices Page. Call 01598 740198  or 07970474273 for availability.