Lundy Island History

A little History that may be of interest to you before you visit Lundy.

Lundy Island is about three miles long and half a mile wide and 400 feet high. Most of Lundy is made up of a very hard granite which  has stood up to the constant battering from the Atlantic waves over the years. Lundy has a mass of history with far to much to mention in just a few words. From Pirates, smugglers and convicts and even stories of treason and plots against the king from days gone by.


Much of this history still remains and can be seen today with a walk around the Island. A man made cave called Bensons cave were convicts and smuggled bounty was kept dating back to 1721 is well worth a stole. Bringing us a little more up to date a walk to the old light house built by trinity house in 1819 still stands 96 feet high on the top of the Island. Visitors can walk up to the the very top and into the glass top were the flashing light was housed with fantastic views over the Island and N. Devon and Cornwall coast line. The old cannon building at the battery off Battery point on the westerly side of Lundy is always worth a viewing. Even the old cannons remain intact but very rusty. These were used to warn ships of the hazards of the Island as they sailed by. A walk along the top of the Island to near the halfway wall you will find the remains of a German Heinkel bomber plane that crashed onto the Island during the war. The North end of the Island reveals many snippets of history that can still be seen from an old landing place were the light house keepers used to land on the Island and climb the many old steps to the light house on the Northerly point. The old landing point is one of the best places to watch the seals that seem to have found a great home here.

Close to this point there is a deep cave called Virgin Spring that is only accessible by sea. This cave penetrates deep into the Island were fresh water bobbles up from the sea bed. Surely in years gone buy this must have been a smugglers cave with many stories to tell

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