Events on Lundy

Engagement Phil and Becki August 1st 2013 and snorkelling with the seals.

We wish you both lots of happy days and thanks for being so much fun while on board Lundy Castaway for your very special weekend.


Congratulations to Phil and Becki who chartered Lundy Castaway for a surprise engagement on Lundy during August 2013. What a fantastic weekend with great weather and a happy couple to have on board. After landing them both on the Island on the Thursday afternoon within a couple of hours Phil pops the question on the North end of the Island with the Light House in the background. Shortly after we met up in the Marisco Tavern for a few drinks looking forward to a great weekend with a very happy couple


The following day it was time to meet up on the Lundy Jetty to get on board Lundy Castaway. Both Phil and Becki had both decided that snorkelling with the Lundy seals was an experience that they both wanted to share. Lundy seals have a reputation for being some of the most friendly and inquisitive.

Well the seals for the next two days never failed to respond to the love that Phil and Becki found swimming and snorkelling with them. The water was crystal clear and simply fantastic for offering some of the best underwater seal photograph. After an hour or so Becki would  climb on board from the water and we would supply her with a constant flow of hot drinks. We decided that after just one day Phil had found a new love in his life, the Lundy seals!

IMG_0518 The female seals, with those big wide puppy like eyes, were certainly catching his attention. For two days we just could not get him out of the water. The seals were constantly copying the movements that Phil made in the water and just enjoying the attention that he calmly gave them. The photos that Phil came back with were simply superb and really shows how interactive the seals like to be with people who give them respect, realise that this is their home and that they are happy to share for a short time. Thank you both for sharing these photos with us.

Phil and Becki’s Seals of Lundy

IMG_4376  IMG_4389

All these shots were taken by Phil off the East Side of Lundy Island.

IMG_4420  IMG_4430

Nothing better then a nibble on a snorkellers fins.

IMG_4421  IMG_4454

IMG_4471  IMG_4434

Playful seals posing for their photos.

IMG_4465  IMG_4472

IMG_4476  IMG_4477

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IMG_4478  IMG_4487

 It only seems right to place you both surrounded by the seals.


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Lundy air day.

Lundy has a small landing field for light aircraft and micro lights. This is situated on the very top of the Island and marked out with a few white rocks that show the landing area. On the 4th August 2013 Lundy had an air day for all the lundy Island flying enthusiasts. They are hoping to beat their record this year with over 70 aircraft. A great day if your into flying and hopefully we will be running Lundy Castaway to the Island if anyone wishes a day charter.

The Waverley Paddle steamer arrives with its passengers for a short stay 2014

The  Waverley is the last seagoing passenger paddle steamer in the world. Built in 1946, she sailed from Craigendoran on the Firth of Clyde to Arrochar on Loch Long until 1973. Bought by the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society,she has been restored to her 1947 appearance and now operates passenger excursions around the British coast during the latter part of the summer often visits Lundy Island.

117 091






These photos were taken during our warm summer of 2014 when the Waverley dropped her passengers off for a short visit to Lundy before heading to the South Coast.

Combined exercises between the RNLI and Chivenor air sea rescue and Lundys supply ship the Oldenburg. Late summer 2014

Often exercises take place at the end of the season on Lundy. At the end of the season Appledore life boat and Chivenor air sea rescue combined an exercise with Lundys supply ship the Oldenburg. The exercise consisted of how to evacuate the Oldenburg and its crew in the case of an emergency / fire in the engine room etc. Winch man from the helicopter were lowered into the holds of the Oldenburg and acting crew were lifted to safety. Most of these photos where taken from the Castle looking over the bay.




LUNDY AIR TRAINING DAY 038Many thanks to all the emergency services who help us all in times of trouble. Take a look at the Appledore Life boat station.