Lundy Island diving with the seals. Trips on Lundy Castaway in North Devon.

 A Private charter diving keeping the boat solely to yourselves on the immaculate Lundy Castaway.

Contact us on 01598740198 or 07970474273. Email:

We are rapidly taking booking for 2014 and 2015  Please contact us asap.


Diving with seals in North Devon.

For small groups of divers up to six in number who want  friendly relaxed diving with the best wildlife and seals that the Uk can offer on Lundy Island.

Lundy Castaway offers you a very special experience with no limit on the time that you dive in the water with these incredible wild animals. We provide lots of hot drinks in a beautiful warm cabin with comfortable seating. Lundy Castaway is in a class of her own for trips to to this wonderful Island.

Stunning underwater photography, reefs,drop off, seals that will nibble your fins!,plus wrecks. We certainly recommend a 2 day trip to make the best of of your visit and can offer you free camping (if you are the outdoor type) if you wish to come down the day before your trip to Lundy on the edge of Exmoor.Camping and air is also available on Lundy when you stay overnight on the Island or you can book up accommodation on the Island.


Please Contact us on 01598740198  or  or if we are at sea our mobile number is 07970474273. Always try the land line first and please leave a message.


Prices for dive Charters of Lundy Castaway. £495.00 for the day. Additional days while remaining on Lundy £350.00. This price remains the same for up to 6 Divers.(We do not charge per head) We provide a personal trip and do not add additional divers to your party.


We take small groups of up to six divers to give you a relaxed quality day with space to move and get kitted up. We take the pressure of your days diving by giving you the choice how you wish to spend your day on Lundy with wrecks reefs and seals. Lots of hot and cold drinks and a friendly no pressure atmosphere with a great colony of friendly grey seals.


Please contact us asap if you are interested in a diving trip. We are already taking bookings for 2014.

2014 Summer best summer for a long time. The visibility in the water has just been out of this world and comparable to many warm water countries. We have had divers and who have been Diving off Lundy Castaway in wet suits this July and not found the waters cold. Lundys playful seals have put many smiles on our divers faces and given some of the best photo shots I have ever seen.

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An Island of outstanding beauty above and below the water for diving, with an underwater dive “no take Zone” to protect our wildlife. An Island that offers a great overnight stay with good food in the Marisco. Diving Lundy provides wrecks, drop offs, and a fantastic amount of underwater life that is hard to match anywhere in the uk.


Contact us on 01598740198 or Mb 07970474273.

For the less experienced diver

Our dive charters offer a very personal individual service to Lundy at an affordable price for 6 divers.

If you are a family or a small group of friends who want to dive  Lundy but have only a small amount of experience we are happy to advise and help you throughout your day or weekend with us. We will pick a site on Lundy Island were you will be in safe waters and a depth that you are happy with and offering you the fantastic opportunity to dive in such a stunning place as this offshore Island Lundy offers. Please remember when you charter the boat “Lundy Castaway” she will be solely yours for the day with Skipper and crew.(both of which are experienced divers) Both will be there to help you. You will not be with other divers that you do not know and will have your own private charter. Lundy Castaway is in a class of her own with a warm luxurious cabin and ample space in her cockpit. We will provide plenty of hot drinks and even have a fridge and cooker with an oven to heat up your pasties. A fresh water hot shower is also ready to use as you exit the water if you so wish.

60 years of BSAC DIVING

Please just give us a call and let us know your own requirements and we will certainly always do our best to help. Approximate costs for boat charter for 6 divers for the day £475.00. Additional days when staying on the Island £295.00 / day. Accommodation and air can be arranged on Lundy. We generally do two days with an overnight stay.


For the more experienced diver

For the more experienced diver and small group of 6 divers we are happy to offer more challenging diving around the Lundy.

Much of Lundy is a complete no take zone. We respect our underwater life on Lundy and there is plenty to explore from wrecks to drop offs with vertical walls, all weather dependant. Yet again the boat would be solely yours for the day with that personal touch. We recommend that six divers would an ample number giving you plenty of space. Please remember that a NTZ means we take nothing from our underwater world around Lundy waters which we STRONLY SUPPORT.

Approximate costs for boat charter for 6 divers for the day £495.00 or for additional days while remaining on Lundy £350.00. Accommodation and air can be arranged on Lundy.

All our prices above INCLUDE the £5.00 / head landing fee charged by Lundy when you land on the Island.

Contact us on 01598740198 or 07970474273. Email:


Our main aim is to provide an enjoyable personal day / weekend or week day charter that you will always remember with a friendly laid back feel, but always keeping safety in mind.

We only take divers who dive with single cylinders (plus one second cylinder) and ask all divers to bring their kit in dive bags and not these large plastic boxes which just take up space. Lundy Castaway is a comfortable luxury boat and in immaculate condition. Please make sure your dive kit does not have sharp jubilee clips etc which cause damage. Every diver MUST carry a delayed SMB on all your dives.We do carry O2 on board but you are welcome to bring your own. Please remember we no longer cater for deep diving. All our diving is simply around the Island with seals reefs and a couple of wrecks.


Just give us a call and let us know what type of day you are interested in and we will give you a costing for your requirement. Tel 01598740198



Divers Feedback 2013.

Thanks for a great day on Lundy Castaway. Certainly will be diving with you again and we all enjoyed every minute of it. Certainly the best seal diving we have ever had and we managed to get some superb photos. I would recommend Lundy Castaway and you guys to any small diving groups. Being able to dive with such a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere is just what we all wanted and certainly what you provided. If we had done no other dives other then the diving with the seals it would have been worth the weekend. Certainly think that at least a weekend is the minimum time to stay on Lundy diving. We felt we had a real holiday and enjoyed the camping on the Island and certainly the food and drink in the Marisco Tavern.

Contact us on 01598740198 or 07970474273. Email:

Lundy Castaway 2013

Stunning diving offering wrecks and reefs.


Some of the best underwater life in uk waters.

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