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Lundy Island

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Where is Lundy Island. Lundy is a marine conservation zone. Where to see Puffins.

There is a £5.00 / head landing fee charged by the Island. When you charter Lundy castaway we INCLUDE this fee.

Lundy Island or maybe we should call it Puffin Island  lies around 18 miles off the N Devon coast, is half a mile wide and 3 and a half miles long and is an absolute haven for wild life. Lundy Island has one of the only UK underwater nature reserves with a complete no take zone. Lundy is a marine conservation zone. The underwater world offers some of the best uk diving and snorkelling available and for wildlife enthusiasts the Island itself has much to offer. The seal colony offers hours of entertainment. Many rare birds spend time on the Island and for bird watchers Lundy has some of the best sites available with of course the excitement of a breeding colony of the famous Lundy Puffins. 2013 seems to have our best year ever for spotting puffins with often several pairs within only a few mtrs from our boat giving our guest who have chartered Lundy Casaway a field day for photographs of the Puffins at close quarters.


Do take a look at the video below. Certainly think that the population of puffins lundy is on the increase. We have not failed to spot good numbers this season from Lundy



Lundy Island can offer camping if you require for over night stays and sometimes accommodation can be available. The Marisco Tavern offers great food and fantastic company with like minded people with similar outdoor interest. To fully explore the Island you do need a few days to absorb the atmosphere of this wonderful place but day trips also offer some time for walking and are well worth while.

The famous PuffinSeal

Is it necessary to have wind farms overlooking and damaging a place of nature and outstanding beauty.

Country file on Lundy.

Lundy Island and its magic after visiting by sea for over 30 years.

Having spent all my life in N Devon and sailing its waters, the privilege of visiting Lundy grows stronger by the day and as the years pass by.


Now running our Luxury 31 foot Mitchell motor cruiser Lundy Castaway from Instow off the North Devon coast gives us the opportunity to share this very special place with other like minded people.Lundy Island lies off our rugged coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol channel making it impossible to visit by sea for many parts of the year. When the summer sun comes out and the days get longer and the seas become calm a small doorway opens for us to start visiting this special little Island that we quiet simply never get tied of. For us, Lundy gives all that nature and its wildlife can offer with a tranquillity and a ruggedness that many places simply cant touch. The feeling of nature allowing you to visit for only a moment in time and never to own or tame. A total feeling of peace giving the opportunity for you to leave the unimportant things in life behind on the mainland.


So on a trip on “Lundy Castaway” You should maybe expect that you may get some salty sea spray on your face and your feet washed by the Atlantic waves when landing on the Island. But don’t expect to get a full strength mobile signal on your phone or a TV to watch when you get there. We don’t want it and you should not visit this beautiful place if that’s what your looking for. However when you leave Lundy you will perhaps gather some memories that you always remember of a beautiful Island that has been unspoilt by modern ways of life. Lundy gives back to us all far more in its nature and beauty.


Lundy is a place were you can find peace from our modern world that will always be special for so many.

John Fanthorpe.

Skipper of the boat Lundy Castaway running from Instow / Appledore to Lundy Island during our summer months.

Walking on the Eastern Side of the Island

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