About us. Why we love Lundy

Our first commercial charter boat Willow now replaced by Lundy Castaway below.


Please Contact us on 01598740198  or  boattripstolundy@gmail.com  or if we are at sea our mobile number is 07970474273. Always try the land line first and please leave a message

A little history behind why we started our charter trips to Lundy.

Both Alan and myself who now run Lundy Castaway have been visiting Lundy Island for many years and Lundy is a place that simply we never get tied. Lundy seems to just get into your blood. In order for us to experience days on Lundy and to be able to share these with others we decided to start running our trips on a small commercial basis. This inevitably meant that the boat used would need to be kept to a high standard and coded by the MCA for allowing the public to come on board.


We became involved with the TV series deep wreck mysteries and were constantly asked if we would run more trips for nature lovers and people who just wanted to visit and explore such a beautiful place. Over the years the history of Lundy has become more and more fascinating for both of us and now becomes a big part of sharing this with all our visitors  and all the questions they ask. A very easy way of explaining why we run our trips is simply we love doing them. We love sharing the stories and history about Lundy that we have gained over the years and know very little compared with some. We have a standard joke on board Lundy Castaway that if we are asked a question it is always past to Alan who crews. If Alan does not know the answer he simply makes it up !!! (especial with the names of birds) Although Ash (the assistant Lundy Warden) spent a day with us last weekend and was trying to teach us the Latin names of each bird that we spotted.


My history as skipper (John)

From the age of about sixteen I have been involved with the sea. Starting with Kayaking the Bristol channel and N Devon coast and then moving on to small boats. Most of my offshore experience was gained through sailing yachts and inevitably gaining more experience through the RYA (royal yachting association) and the courses that they run. After sailing many miles on several different types of boats owned by myself and others and after sailing and visiting Lundy for over 35 years  I decided that maybe it was time to get a commercial ticket and run the trips that we now do. Probably about 15 years ago I joined the Ilfracombe Dive club and spent most weekends plus any other time I could find diving wrecks from Lands End in Cornwall and all the way up the N Devon Coast. These dives ranged from just shallow reef dives to depths of 70 mtrs on wrecks etc.  All this time on the water and below the water just gave me more love for the sea and the underwater world and at the same time opened up in my mind the importance of the conservation of Lundy above and below the water line. The dedication of the staff who live on Lundy looking after this beautiful and vulnerable Island has just become so important to me and so many others. Long may it last and I hope that for many years to come we can keep sharing this special place with visitors who sail with us on Lundy Castaway. Thank you so much to all the people who have given us all the feed back that we keep updating on our visitors page. All your photos have kept this little web site well alive and each trip we look forward to more.


This season we have been asked by more and more divers to take them diving on Lundy mostly due to recommendations and partly due to the fact that out trips are run on a friendly laid back basis of hopefully safe diving. The diving that we try to offer is simply a small part of the overall weekend getaway friendly trip. We try to offer a complete package that allows all involved to be able to experience some quality time soaking up the atmosphere on Lundy itself and its fantastic history and scenery. We have a few simple rules. 1. We dont rush. 2. Yes lets have another coffee. 3.We only want like minded divers who simply want a good time and share a great few days on Lundy. If you are a totally serious diver that simply wants to dive as many times as possible without enjoying Lundy itself. Dont come with us!! We want our trips to be relaxed safe and fun.

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Crew of Lundy Castaway  John and Alan

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